EuroNanoLab, is a collaborative network formed by the research infrastructures for micro- and nanofabrication of France (RENATECH), the Netherlands (NanoLab NL), Norway (NorFab), Sweden (Myfab), Czech Republic (CEITEC), Portugal and Spain (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory). We have also close cooperation with the nanofabrication infrastructures of Denmark (DTU Danhip), Germany (KNMF/KIT and MacroNano/TU Ilmenau), Finland (Micronova/Aalto University) and Switzerland (CMI/EPFL) that are potential associated partners for EuroNanoLab. The research infrastructures within EuroNanoLab apply user-fee based open-access to tools, processes and services for users from academy and industry.

EuroNanoLab at a glance

EuroNanoLab Glance

EuroNanoLab is an initiative to establish a large scale distributed nanofabrication research infrastructure.

  • Enhance excellence by building superior processing competence.
  • Accelerate Research by process exchange and single-access point to nanofabrication RI and expertise.
  • Share competences by defining European standards in cleanroom procedures.
  • Strengthening cooperation by building an alliance between scientist and nanofabrication experts.

EuroNanoLab's Vision

EuroNanoLab provides world-class nanofabrication research infrastructure and expertise to increase the quality, efficiency and relevance of European basic research within nanotechnology.


Mission Statement

Mission Statement

1. Improving access and speeding up time to result for researchers requiring fabrication at the nanoscale.

2. Collecting and sharing data on processes, results and training.

3. Enhancing scientific excellence in the field of nanofabrication.

4. Strengthening scientific knowledge, promoting scientific cooperation and integration.

Coordinated Research Infrastructure

Coordinated Research Infrastructure

EuroNanoLab Research Infrastructure

CONSORTIUM - Operational view

Operational view

EuroNanoLab Benchmark table

Benchmark criteria EuroNanoLabTotal
Average annual operation cost (M€/year) 81,4
Nb. of declared users (average at any time) 4 031
Nb. of cleanroom hours/year 763 205
Nb. of cleanroom hours/year/user 189
Nb. of companies using the cleanrooms/year 514
Nb. of of research projects using the infrastructure / year 2 519
Nb. of of EU or international projects using the infrastructure/year 176
Confirm that your RI is included in your national RI roadmap 6 out of 7 partners
Nb. of of research projects using the infrastructure / year 2 519
Specify, the amount of funds earmarked for or already allocated to your RI in the framework of your national RI roadmap. 49,4
Give an estimation of the capital value of your RI. Equipment only (M€) 1 059,4
Give an estimation of the capital value of your RI. Buildings only (M€) 543,5
Estimate annual investments needed to purchase specific equipment dedicated to the ESFRI project for your RI (M€/year) 27,3
Estimate annual cost for the specific process developments required for the ESFRI project per year (30% of total nb. hours x hourly cost) 9,2
Peer-reviewed international journal papers produced each year thanks to the RI 2 797
Amount of funding of operational costs coming from industry 14,1%
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Access Modes

Access Modes

EuroNanoLab´s KPIs



- # ERC grants (starting, consolidating & advanced).

- # projects funded via the EuroNanoLab Project Funding Agency.

- # projects that incorporate equipment provided by manufacturers.

- # manufacturers that use EuroNanoLab as a test bed.



Attract funding:

- # PhD projects.

- # research projects.



- # and utilisation of processes.

- # and utilisation of interoperability documentation, best practice cases, & standardisation documentation available.

- # joint education & training offerings.

- # instruments (LIMS) &Tool Licences (LIMS)..



- # user hours by industry.

- # joint education and training offerings.

European Landscape analysis

Landscape analysis

International cooperation partners

Cooperation partners

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